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IT Management System

Using the advanced Kingdee Cloud Constellation ERP system, through the integration with MES system, and multi-terminal interconnection to build a digital operation platform, to provi de more comprehensive, meticulous and efficient management support, and achieve visual management of production. The whole controlled process from sales order to production realizes intelligent production management, tracks and dynamically contr ols the whole process of customer orders.

Key advantages

  • Process Transparency
    Transparent production process and increased efficiency
  • Abnormity Monitoring
    Monitor production information and data in real time, realize real- time control
  • Quality Control
    Data analysis to improve product quality
  • Data visualization
    Multi-dimensional visual display, data sharing, improve accuracy and efficiency
  • Product traceability
    Record product flow, trace intelli gently throughout the process
  • Process collaboration
    Realize the coordination of produc tion planning and workshop to imp rove production efficiency and qua lity
  • Inventory management
    Safety stock early warning, realize the refinement of production and supply, and optimize the efficiency of warehouse management
  • Equipment management
    Equipment operation and mainte nance management visualization, such as inspection, maintenance, repair reporting, etc
  • Whole process
    Visualized management of the whole process to improve man agement level

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