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Hygiene materials

Equipped with Phenom Pure desktop scanning electron microscope from the Netherlands, TEXTEST textile hydrostatic pressure tester FX3000- iv from Switzerland, Shimadzu ultraviolet spectrophotometer from Japan and other advanced inspection and testing equipments from domestic and abroad. Testing the microstructure, fiber ratio, denier, microorganis ms, linting, pH value, active substances, water absorption, whiteness, strength, oil resistance, antistatic, anti-alcohol, filtration efficiency and permeability of non-woven materials to fully ensure the performance and quality of products.

Testing Video

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  • Phenom Pure (SEM)
  • Bacteria and fungus culture box
  • Full-automatic fabric stiffness tester
  • Liquid permeability coefficient tester
  • FX 3000-IV hydrostatic pressure tester
  • Fabric friction electrification tester
  • Martindale abrasion tester
  • Ultraviolet spectrophotometer

Nursing products

Equipped with advanced high-performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC), ultraviolet spectrophotometer (UV-Vis), digital high and low temperature alternating test chamber (-80 °C-120 °C), drug stability test chamber, moi sture permeability tester, flushability test slosh box and other testing equipment and instruments from domestic and abroad, to develop and test various parameters of raw materials and finished products, such as elongation, water absorption, flushability and other physiochemical prop erties of non-woven fabrics, total bacterial colonies, total number of molds and yeasts, a number of microbial indicators such as E. coli and various pathogenic bacteria, to monitor the temperature and humidity of the workshop environment, the number of air changes, ozone concentra tion, floating bacteria, dust particles and other indicators, to ensure the quality of products in all aspects.

Testing Video

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  • Martindale abrasion tester
  • Electronic tensile tester
  • High speed centrifuge
  • Softness tester
  • Biosafety cabinets
  • Flush test slosh box
  • Water vapor permeability tester
  • Phenom Pure (SEM)

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