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Zhejiang Kingsafe Hygiene Materials Technology Co., Ltd is a professional nonwoven fabric supplier with over 30 years of production experience. With years of development, now our company has become the largest nonwoven fabric supplier in China and even Asia. The company has invested heavily in importing over 40 advanced nonwoven fabric production lines of various types. At the same time, we actively carry out research and development of various new products and have established a national level research and testing center. Our product range is diverse, including spunlace, spunbond, hot air through, mel- blown, wet composite, and flushable, meeting the personalized customization needs of customers. It is widely used in fields such as hygiene, medical, industrial, and home products. At present, our company can produce over 280,000 tons of various non-woven fabric products annually, which are exported to more than 40 countries or regions both domestically and internationally.