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Since its establishment, Uniquality&Kingsafe have highly focused on the two major sectors of medical and hygienic non-woven materials and nursing products, and have developed into a leading enterprise in China's industrial textile industry. The company introduced internation ally advanced production equipment and technology from Germany, France, Italy, and other countries, established high-end production lines for spunlace, functional composite spunlace, cotton spunlace, spunbond, melt blown, spunmelt, hot air-through, wet wipes, dry wipes, and baby diapers. The nonwoven materials and nursing products cover fields such as medical treat ment, mother and child care, beauty, home and industrial cleaning, which can meet customer needs for differentiation, functionalization, and customization.


  • Spunlace nonwovens
  • Spunmelt/Spunbond nonwovens
  • Hot air through nonwovens
  • Cotton spunlace nonwovens
  • CP wood pulp composite spunlace nonwovens
  • Flushable and degradable nonwovens
  • Wet wipes
  • Dry wipes
  • Baby diapers
  • Training pants

Why choose us

The company introduced the first "CAC sandwich" spunlace nonwoven production line in China, with a total of 41 high-speed random, TT, semi-cross, hot air through, cotton, SSMMS, and SSSMS nonwoven production lines, a total of 80 wet wipes, dry wipes, and baby diaper production lines, EDI purified wat er in line with medical standard, and 100 thousand-grade purification workshop complied with GMP standard. The laboratory is equipped with advanced domestic and international experimental instrum ents and testing devices, established a sound quality management system, and long-term strategic rel ationships with many well-known brands domestically and internationally. The scale of production cap acity and number of production lines ranks first in China and top few in the world.

  • Complete Product Range

    The company's products mainly include spunlace nonwovens, spunmelt nonwovens, hot air through nonwovens, cotton spunlace nonwovens, CP wood pulp composite spunlace nonwovens, flushable and degradabl e nonwovens, wet wipes, dry wipes (soft towels), baby diapers, baby pull-up pants and wet toilet paper, etc., and plans to expand the production line of adult diapers, menstrual pants and disposable pads and other sanitary products in the future.

  • Advanced equipment, high-quality raw materials

    The company introduces international advanced production equipment and technology, purchases high-quality raw materials, continuously improves stability and reliability of production, to achieve higher quality, more efficient, more reliable products and services.

  • Industry experience

    Our company has rich experience and accumulation in the non-woven materials and nursing products industry, has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of in dustry trends and development, retains a high reputation and influence, and has established long-term strat egic cooperative relations with many well-known brands domestically and internationally, and can provide services and solutions better fit to market demand.

  • Professional Team

    The company has a clear division of labor, with independent design, R&D, production, quality inspection, procurement and warehousing departments and a professional sales and marketing team. We are able to provide better and more professional services and solutions to help our customers achieve better business outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you do new product development?

    Yes, we will develop new products every year according to the needs of the market and customers.

    Is there a variety of product configurations?

    Yes, we offer 100% cotton, 100% viscose, 100% polyester, viscose polyester blend, viscose/lyocell wood pulp blend and other diversified ratios, and we can also provide customized services according to your needs.

    What patterns do you have for your nonwovens?

    Our nonwovens have a variety of patterns, mainly pearl pattern, plain pattern, fishbone pattern, mesh pattern, bauhinia pattern, hansa pattern, EF pattern, diamond bauhinia pattern, hexagonal pattern, curve pattern, plum blossom type, diamond type and other patterns, if you have a demand for specific patterns or types, we can customize according to your requirements.

    Is there a limit to the grammage and width of nonwovens?

    The spunlace gram weight range is between 25-110 gsm, and the gram weight range is different for different processes, and the width is between 9.5—320cm. The spunbond gram weight range is between 8-75 gsm, and the width is between 10—320cm. The specific grammage and width values will be customized according to your needs. The hot air through gram weight range is between 16-50 gsm, and the width is between 10—320cm.

    What is the environmental protection performance of nonwovens?

    There may be differences in the environmental performance of different types and qualities of non-woven fabrics, some non-woven products also have biodegradable properties, and some can also be recycled and reused to reduce environmental pollution.

    How about your company's production capacity?

    Spunlace nonwoven annual production capacity 200,000 tons, Cotton spunlace nonwoven annul production capacity 5,000 tons, Spunbond nonwoven annual production capacity 46,000 tons, Spunmelt nonwoven annual production capacity 23,000 tons, Hot air through nonwoven annual production capacity 6,000 tons.

    What are the main brands of raw materials you source?

    We mainly purchase from well-known brands in the industry such as Lenzing, Sateri, Sanyou Group, Sinopec, PetroChina, Hengyi and so on to ensure the quality and performance of products.

    What are the main brands of your equipment?

    There are many internationally renowned equipment brands such as ANDRITZ (Europe), Trutzschler (Germany), Dilo Spinnbau (Germany), ACelli (Italy), AUTEFA (Germany), Reifenhauser (Germany) and so on.

    Can you do customized products?

    Yes, we provide personalized customization and unique solutions based on each customer’s requirement.

    What are the applications of your products?

    It is mainly used in medical, hygiene, home decoration, clothing, industry, agriculture, construction, transportation, environment and other fields.

    What products can you offer?

    Spunlace nonwovens, spunmelt nonwovens, hot air through nonwovens, cotton spunlace nonwovens, CP wood pulp composite spunlace nonwovens, flushable and degradable nonwovens and other products.

  • Is there a minimum order quantity?

    Yes, all of our products have a minimum order quantity requirement, which varies with the product specifications, but we will provide sample (proofing) service in the early stage.

    Can I create my own branded and designed packaging?

    Yes, you can create your own brand and design packaging to enhance your brand image.

    Can you make wipes with our formula?

    Yes, we will also keep all your recipe details confidential.

    Can you produce wet wipes or dry wipes in different packaging forms?

    Yes, we have various types of packages for you to choose from, please get in touch with us and choose one that suits your needs.

    How much manufacturing space does your company have, and how much storage space does your company have?

    The company has built a 100,000-level purification GMP production workshop of 30,000 square meters, a clean production workshop of 35,000 square meters and a warehouse area of 150,000 square meters.

    How about your company's production capacity?

    Wet wipes annual production capacity 40 billion sheets, Dry wipes annual production capacity 20 billion sheets. Baby diapers annual production capacity 1 billion pieces.

    Can you do customized products?

    Yes, we provide OEM and ODM services, and also support personalized customization.

    What are the applications of your products?

    It is mainly used in the fields of baby care, feminine care, adult care, pet, medical, beauty and makeup remover, household, industrial and hygiene and cleaning.

    What products can you offer?

    Baby wipes, makeup remover wipes, cleaning wipes, disinfectant wipes, pet wipes, nursing wipes, wet toilet paper, canister wipes, fitness wipes, dry (soft) wipes, dust wipes, kitchen wipes, diapers, pull-up pants.

  • Is there any system certification?

    Yes, our company has established a complete international system certification, mainly including ISO9001 (International Quality Management System Certification), ISO14001 (Environmental Management System Certification), ISO13485 (Medical Device Quality Management System Certification), FSC (Forest Management Certification), GMPC (in line with the "Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines for Cosmetics" issued by the Food and Drug Administration) and so on.

    Where are your products mainly exported?

    Our products are exported to many countries and regions around the world, and we will flexibly adjust our export strategies according to market conditions and customer needs.

    How long does it take to get a reply after we send you an inquiry?

    We will reply you within two hours after receiving the inquiry.

    How are the goods shipped to the customer?

    We accept multiple shipping methods such as sea, land, air, express, etc.

    How do you guarantee the quality of your products?

    We will have corresponding inspections before and after each process to ensure product quality.

    How many employees do you have in your company, and how many of them are technical?

    The company has more than 2,000 employees and more than 200 technical employees.

    Are you a direct manufacturer or a trading company?

    We are a manufacturer, and we also have our own international sales team, and the production and sales are our own.

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