Wholesale 5mm Big Dot Spunlace Nonwoven For Restaurant Wipes

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5mm Big Dot Spunlace Nonwoven For Restaurant Wipes

5mm Big Dot Spunlace Nonwoven For Restaurant Wipes

The weight of the product is 70 grams per square meter, which not only has the heaviness of traditional towels, but also can be disposable, making it more hygienic and safe. The fabric style with 5mm oversized particles gives you a better wiping experience. The combination of 50% viscose and 50% polyester can achieve rapid absorption and provide good shape retention for wet wipes.
  • Detailed information
  • Composition

    50% viscose, 50%polyester (blending ratio can be customized)


    Double-carding, parallel


    5mm big dot

    Gram weight

    From 40g to 100g 

    Roll Width

    From 10cm to 320cm

    Finishing Technology

    Hydrophilic, coating, antistatic, etc


    Wet wipes, dry wipes etc

  • Product advantages

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The company has four business segments: fashion clothing accessories, new non-woven materials, personal care products and finance, integrating the manufacturing, R & D, design and marketing of new non-woven materials. It is a national excellent private scientific and technological enterprise with high reputation. It is a professional manufacturer engaged in new Spunlaced non-woven materials, medical and health fiber materials and functional composites.

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System Certification

Perfect international system certification, effectively consolidate the competitiveness of the enterprise. The company has introduced more than 40 internationally advanced nonwoven material production lines of spunlace, spunbond, meltblown, spunmelt, hot air through, cotton spunlace and wetlaid spunlace from Germany, France and Italy.

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  • Sanitary Materials Division
    - Spunlace nonwoven production capacity: 200,000 tons

    - Cotton spunlace nonwoven production capacity: 5,000 tons

    - Spunbond nonwoven production capacity: 46,000 tons

    - Spunmelt nonwoven production capacity : 23,000 tons

    - Hot air through nonwoven production capacity: 6,000 tons
  • Nursing Products Division
    - Wet wipes production capacity : 40 billion sheets

    - Dry wipes production capacity : 20 billion sheets

    - Baby diapers production capacity: 1 billion pieces

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